Three little goats

Warning: Hearing about someone else’s dreams is notoriously uninteresting…

…but I wanted to jot this one down before I forget it. When I woke up this morning I was in the middle of a dream about this little man who was going hunting, ostensibly for bison or some similar large ungulate. He was wearing animal skins and furs and was riding on a sleigh or cart pulled by three little goats. As they made their way through the shadowed forest, a giant white goat appeared and started fighting with the three little goats, butting them and trying to force them into a nearby pond. The big goat’s name was Boaz or Boez. Once all the goats were in the pond, they continued struggling under water as indicated by the roiling surface of the pond. At this point I quit being a spectator and appeared in the dream. I was about to dive into the water to separate the fighting goats when a woman appeared out of nowhere and told me not to interfere.

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