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That plane crashes are often not coincidental accidents. Found at whatreallyhappened.com:

    [From *The Spotlight*, Feb. 14, 1994]

    What really happened during the infamous “Watergate plane crash”
    at Chicago’s airport on December 8, 1972?

    United Airlines flight 553 out of Washington, D.C. exploded while
    landing in Chicago. Aboard were 12 people who were connected in
    some way to the burgeoning Watergate scandal. Among the victims
    was Dorothy Hunt, wife of former CIA man (and Watergate burglar)
    E. Howard Hunt.

    Evidence indicated the plane was sabotaged, but independent
    investigator Sherman Skolnick made headlines when he charged
    thatthe sabotage had been covered up by the government.

    Skolnick discussed his findings when he was the guest on the
    December 23 broadcast of *The Spotlight*’s nightly radio call-in
    talk forum, Radio Free America, with host Tom Valentine.

    At the time of the crash, Valentine was a journalist working in
    Chicago and became acquainted with Skolnick during the furor over
    the loss of flight 553.

    According to Valentine, “It was the flight 553 affair that really
    convinced me this government was corrupt. I was a meat head and
    believed in our government. I knew the medical establishment
    was corrupt, but this really convinced me the government was

    Skolnick, who has been a regular guest on Radio Free America, and
    who is an adviser to Liberty Lobby’s Populist Action Committee,
    has a recorded five-minute commentary (changed several times a
    week) that people may call 24 hours a day at regular long-
    distance rates. The number is (312) 731-1100. Skolnick’s recorded
    message brings periodic updates on matters the investigator and
    his research team are working on.

    An edited transcript of Valentine’s interview with Skolnick

    VALENTINE: The Watergate plane crash is the first investigation
    you and I worked on together.

    SKOLNICK: This subject is one of the great forbidden subjects of
    this country. You are not supposed to talk publicly about
    airplanes that have been sabotaged. If sabotage is ever brought
    up, it’s always in some foreign country where a bomb blows up the

    VALENTINE: Then the loss of the United Airlines flight 553 was
    not just fog or pilot error or something like that.

    SKOLNICK: In the history of aviation there have been a number of
    situations where there was actual sabotage — not necessarily a
    bomb — and that sabotage put the plane down and killed people
    for political reasons.

    I started writing a book about airplane sabotage right after the
    plane crash. I called it “The Watergate Plane Crash.” The reason
    why was because on this one plane were 12 people connected with
    the Watergate affair.

    The disaster happened exactly one month after Richard Nixon had
    been re-elected. The Watergate affair had started, but it was not
    widely known at the time.

    Former CIA man (and Watergate burglar) E. Howard Hunt, part of
    the so-called White House Plumbers, was under arrest. It later
    came out that Hunt was threatening to blow the lid off the White
    House if Nixon didn’t take care of him. Hunt wanted $2 million.

    What Hunt reportedly had was information tending to show that
    Nixon, who was in Dallas at the time John F. Kennedy was
    murdered, was complicit in the assassination. Hunt’s wife Dorothy
    was carrying around “hush” money to various witnesses in an
    effort to silence them about the Watergate affair.

    She was on flight 553, and this time she was traveling under her
    own name. She was so concerned about the baggage (which contained
    $2 million worth of cashier’s checks and money orders, which some
    astute people could have traced back to the Nixon White House)
    that she bought an extra first class seat for her baggage (and
    the valuables therein).

    The press later said there was only $10,000 in her possession,
    but that was false. We know about this because of records of the
    National Transportation Safety Board which had the manifest of
    the airplane.

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