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This website has been floating around since 1999 when I purchased the domain letterneversent.com, shortly before I graduated from college. Before that I had a smallish website I kept in various places. I started blogging with blogger.com, but as soon as I downloaded and installed MovableType I began blogging regularly. I’m still not sure if that was a good idea or not.

Statistics as of 9-28-05

Name: Chris Sivori
Number of posts: 1700+
Number of del.icio.us links: 800+
Political affiliation: Whig Party “Log cabins and hard cider!”

How can you reach me?

Email is the best way. I check it all the time. I prefer it to the telephone. Here’s my email address:


If you want to IM me, I’m lurking on AIM at:


If you need help starting a website or weblog (blog) let me know. I can get you started.