Belle nuit

It’s a beautiful night tonight, Open your windows!

  • China will send troops to Haiti: “”It’s been a big year for China,” says one official opposed to the deployment. “They put a man in space, won gold medals at the Olympics, and now they are going to put troops in the Western Hemisphere for the first time.”
    The official says China’s first military presence near U.S. shores would boost Beijing’s long-term strategy to “supplant U.S. influence” in the region. “China is pursuing a maritime strategy in the Caribbean to gain access and control over port facilities, free trade zone infrastructure, fisheries, oil and minerals, and off-shore banking platforms,”
    For example, a Chinese company whose leader is close to Beijing’s communist rulers operates major port facilities at both ends of the Panama Canal.
    “They will assert political influence [through Chinese companies],” the official says. “That is where this is headed.”
    Administration officials say the decision to permit the Chinese to join the U.N. force in Haiti was made quietly, without a full debate among defense, foreign policy and national security agencies. “
  • Report: Civil war most likely outcome in Iraq
  • Violence May Force Iraq to Bypass Hotspots in Election
  • A Guide To Firefox Extensions Awesome list

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