1. U.S. Youths Rebel at Harsh School:
      Students said Mr. Lichfield set up a system typical of Wwasps programs. Children were divided into six levels, the lower ones forbidden to speak freely or raise their eyes, the higher ones free to discipline and punish inferiors. A muscular cadre of minimum-wage staff members enforced the system. Communication between parents and children was barred or closely edited. Parents were told that complaints from children were manipulative lies.
  2. Proposal: Webcams to keep homeland safe:
      But if onsite cameras beamed photos to the World Wide Web, Americans could monitor these sites from home. If they spied a potential attacker — a masked man trying to scale a power plant fence, or a van parked next to a reservoir — they could alert security agents with a click of the mouse. Agents would call local authorities and help avert disaster.
  3. HP’s Linux Laptops Prove Popular
  4. Putin and Hu Find Common Ground on Korea and Iraq:
      As permanent members of the U.N. Security Council, the two countries opposed the U.S.-led war on Iraq, but have now backed the U.S. plan for post-war development. Both leaders reaffirmed their common view on Iraq, saying the role of the United Nations had to be central to its future reconstruction. On energy, a fast-growing area of joint economic interest, Hu and Putin agreed to strengthen cooperation, including building a pipeline that will allow Russia to boost exports and help China diversify its imports.
  5. Texas education funding tied to tuition deregulation:
      Yet, if House Speaker Tom Craddick gets his way, more than $500 million in the total higher education budget could still vanish unless lawmakers agree to immediate and complete deregulation of college tuition.

    When you hear the words deregulation check for your wallet.

  6. NY Times: Trust in the Military Heightens Among Baby Boomers’ Children:
      Researchers argue that the trend in part reflects simple experience. Young people coming of age during quick and successful military actions, like the Persian Gulf war in 1991 — “It looked and felt like a video game, and America won it decisively,” Professor King said — or the action in Iraq this year are quite likely to have very different attitudes from those who came of age during the Vietnam War.
  7. China bans eating wild animals

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