Try to see the beauty in things

It is easy to look at a situation and see the bad. Every situation could be looked at in a negative light. But, what does this attitude do but rob us of our initiative and hope? Focusing on the bad will stop you from moving forward. It is far better to accept the bad as it arrives, feel it and process it and then finally put it aside. Any other attitude goes against reality and is impractical. If you want good things in your life you will learn to let things go when it is time. Why do we try to hold on sometimes to the way things are not? It is an interesting question. Fear of the unknown? Avoidance of suffering?


  1. Good Post. I wholeheartly agree. Most of us are dragging around enough junk to sink a big boat. Let it go, already. The fears we have at night often disapate with the dawn and we see better the road toward victory. Keep on keeping on. Or to quote Churchill, “Never, never, never give up.”

  2. Very philosophical … and may I say totally true … sadly too many of us, including myself, consider events from a negative perspective first. In doing that it becomes a habit. Then of course habits are difficult to break. Could you explain how to break such habits? We know, as you explain the way out, but how?

  3. Well said, some people are really not as always appreciative and they always look up for themselves. That is the hardest thing to renew now, if only people think positive and can see the beauty in thing then our world will be a much nicer, safer to live.

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