Unpublished Bronte book to be

  • Unpublished Bronte book to be released: Now, Charlotte Bronte’s novella “Stancliffe’s Hotel,” set in a fictional land she and her brother created, will be published for the first time, shedding new light on one of Britain’s most famous writers, Bronte scholar Heather Glen said Friday.
  • Study: Ancient Brits mummified dead too: While the Egyptians used hot sand and natural salts to preserve their dead and ancient Peruvians cured their dead in dry mountaintop winds, Parker-Pearson believes Britons used naturally-occurring acids in peat bogs.
  • Researchers: Marriage doesn’t make you happy: Most newlyweds experience a brief emotional bounce after their wedding, but they eventually return to the same outlook they had on life before they tied the knot, according to a study released Sunday.
  • Top Brazil Port to Boycott US, UK Ships
  • Coming media blackout of US war atrocities
  • Wired: Study Further Damns Hormone Drugs
  • Media Watchdogs [US] Caught Napping “Given how timid most U.S. news organizations have been in challenging the White House position on Iraq, I’m not surprised if Americans are turning to foreign news services for a perspective on the conflict that goes beyond freedom fries,” said Deborah Branscom, a Newsweek contributing editor, who keeps a weblog devoted to media issues.
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