Apr 03

After Iraq, US may ‘reform’

  • After Iraq, US may ‘reform’ Saudi, Iran
  • Iraq’s weapons ‘must be found’: In an interview with Spanish daily El Pais, chief UN weapons inspector Hans Blix hinted he believed Iraq’s contended possession of weapons of mass destruction had served as a pretext for a US-led invasion.

    “There is evidence this war was planned well in advance,” he said.

    “You ask yourself a lot of questions when you see the things they [the US] did to try and demonstrate that the Iraqis had nuclear weapons, like the fake contract with Niger,” he said.

    He was referring to the discovery by UN inspectors that documents the US alleged proved Iraq had tried to buy uranium from the African state had been forged.

    Mr Blix said he thought finding banned weapons in Iraq was now a low priority for coalition forces – and that “today, the main aim is to change the dictatorial regime of Saddam Hussein”.

  • Is This Media manipulation on a grand scale?
  • An Iraqi Official’s Better Home and Garden: Snippets of American Pop Culture on Display at Aziz’s Mansion
  • A Revolution in Snooping
  • U.S.-Backed Shiite Cleric Killed at Shrine in Najaf

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    Apr 03

    Who wins

    The TV is beaming images of Iraqis in the streets. Apparently, this is to signal the victory of the US over another third world power. First there was Afghanistan and now Iraq, both countries weakened by years of war and in the case of Iraq by almost fifteen years of sanctions, ‘no fly zones’, and strategic bombings. The message is clear to other weak governments, build up your weapons programs and fast. Apparently, it doesn’t matter if you try to disarm. As Iraq surely did as there were no chemical weapons used and no so-called ‘weapons of mass distruction’ found. You can expect weapons technology to proliferate as governments realize how insecure their power is against invasion and covert war. Expect our own government to feel this insecurity as they beef up defense budgets and strengthen ‘anti-terror’ laws. The jack-booted Republican party has already made clear its intentions to make the provisions of the Patriot Act permanent. I also expect weaker governments to engage in a frenzy of relationship building with stronger parties to counter the apparent power of the United States. This will be an interesting moment as it gives our own government a choice between more power or prudence.

    Apr 03


  • US demanded Russian diplomats leave Baghdad:
    MOSCOW – Russian diplomats who came under fire as they fled Baghdad headed to Moscow on Tuesday, and a media report claimed that Washington had demanded they leave on suspicion the embassy had aided Iraqi forces.

  • Non-Embedded Journalists Say Beaten, Starved By US
  • WMD’S? NO IT’S JUST FARM PESTICIDE: Still no chemical weapons.
  • Trimble claims Bush put IRA on notice

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    Apr 03

    And still

    The US has yet to find chemical weapons in Iraq. Nor have they been used. This war is nothing but a deception.

    Apr 03

    The Spoils

    US accused of plans to loot Iraqi antiques:

      It has emerged that a coalition of antiquities collectors and arts lawyers, calling itself the American Council for Cultural Policy (ACCP), met with US defence and state department officials prior to the start of military action to offer its assistance in preserving the country’s invaluable archaeological collections.

      The group is known to consist of a number of influential dealers who favour a relaxation of Iraq’s tight restrictions on the ownership and export of antiquities. Its treasurer, William Pearlstein, has described Iraq’s laws as ‘retentionist’ and has said he would support a post-war government that would make it easier to have antiquities dispersed to the US.

      Before the Gulf war, a main strand of the ACCP’s campaigning has been to persuade its government to revise the Cultural Property Implementation Act in order to minimise efforts by foreign nations to block the import into the US of objects, particularly antiques.

      News of the group’s meeting with the government has alarmed scientists and archaeologists who fear the ACCP is working to a hidden agenda that will see the US authorities ease restrictions on the movement of Iraqi artifacts after a coalition victory in Iraq.

      Professor Lord Renfrew of Kaimsthorn, leading Cambridge archaeologist and director of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, said: ‘Iraqi antiquities legislation protects Iraq. The last thing one needs is some group of dealer-connected Americans interfering. Any change to those laws would be absolutely monstrous. ‘

    The British Empire likewise looted Egyptian and Greek treasures during their colonial days.

    Apr 03

    bits of interest

  • NATO to study boosting role in Afghanistan: More American power
  • Two Hispanic Marines given US citizenship posthumously: Mercenary ‘barbarian legions’ awarded honorary American citizenship. This is looking more and more like the Roman Empire.
  • Indian techies face global backlash as jobs disappear
  • China’s software market grows nearly 20 percent in 2002: report
  • First signs of anti-government spring offensive in southeast Afghanistan
  • “You just fucking killed a family because you didn’t fire a warning shot soon enough!”
  • We don’t understand Iraqis, admits US officer
  • US reveals new shoot to kill rule: “All Iraqis are to be treated as hostile until proven otherwise,” said Capt Dennis Carletta, a combat lawyer with the Judge Advocate Generals Corps, the US army’s legal branch.
  • BoJ doubles size of yen intervention in March: “Given the fact they’ve spent nearly $10bn with very little impact, they’ll certainly be disappointed,” said Derek Halpenny, currency economist at the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi. “The question is, however, how much lower would the dollar be [against the yen] if that money had not been spent?”
  • Indonesian Govt May Begin Using Euro And Dump Dollar
  • Al-Jazeera’s Basra Hotel HQ Bombed by the US

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    Mar 03

    Afghan prisoners beaten to death

  • Afghan prisoners beaten to death at US military interrogation base: I guess we only care how POW’s are treated if they’re ours.
  • The “Shock and Awe” Photo Gallery
  • Bush Proposal Would End Overtime Pay for Millions of Workers
  • The Euro And The War On Iraq: If OPEC were to switch to the euro as the standard for oil transactions, it would have serious ramifications for the US economy. Oil-consuming economies would have to flush the dollars out of their central bank holdings and convert them to euros. Some economists estimate that with the market flooded, the US dollar could drop up to 40% in value. As the currency falls, there would be a monetary evacuation by foreign investors abandoning the US stock markets and dollar-denominated assets. Imported products would cost Americans a lot more, and the trade deficit would be magnified.
  • Osama is in Kunar, but the US can’t get him

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    Mar 03

    Testing the pings

    For Blogs Against War.

    Mar 03

    We just may be the bad guys this time

    Despite all of our whining about the Geneva Convention…oh the hypocrisy. This is how we treat POW’s (exhibit a, b, c, d).

    Meanwhile, Al Jazeera is still down.

    Mar 03

    The Humanity

    American mercenaries are killing children and wrecking entire families. Bombing markets and killing innocent people. In this photo according to the caption: The four-year old girl, blood streaming from an eye wound, was screaming for her dead mother, while her father, shot in a leg, begged to be freed from the plastic wrist cuffs slapped on him by U.S. marines, so he could hug his other terrified daughter.

    In another photo, an unidentified Iraqi man is cradling the bloodied body of a young girl whose foot is clearly shredded. In yet another, family members weep near the wrapped bodies of their loved ones killed by ‘Allied’ airstrikes. I expect the Iraqi people to never forget this. We have no right to be in their country. As soon as we get rid of Saddam, I hope the Iraqi people toss us out on our ear. We bring nothing but hardship to replace hardship and subjugation to replace subjugation.

    Meanwhile US Troops enjoy ‘Operation Playmate’. Is this a screwed up country or what? While we’re destroying countless lives our soldiers are receiving signed Playboy Playmate photos.