Happy Birthday Baby Brother

Today is my little brother’s birthday. He’ll be 26 today. Yikes. It is good to have a little brother. It’s like having a friend around all the time, although sometimes he was my most hated enemy. We have a lot of good memories and I hope to make more good memories as we go through life. Hopefully we won’t always irritate each other as much as we seem to now. On his birthday I like to think about how he was as a little kid, rambunctious and loving and how we did everything together.

I remember once when we went to this Christian pre-school in San Antonio, Marbach Christian Daycare. We were separated into different classes and during recess his class and mine would be separated by a chain-link fence. This didn’t stop us from playing together. We would push our Hot Wheels back and forth through the fence to each other.


  1. Aw! Happy birthday, Chris’s “baby” brother!

    I wish my sister and I could get along better too. Probably a lost cause though. *shrug*

  2. burandy epperson

    flashback and old memories. i come across your page, where you and your little brother went to marbach day care. i did also back maybe 1972 – 1980
    ms hicks, ms carpenter, cant remember anyone elses names off hand. had nap time on cots in this big open room. my best friend there was name BJ. just thought id let you know that it was pretty neat reading you went there also. hope to hear from you.