I voted today

I voted today and the whole thing pissed me off. The only sense of certainty I possessed was in voting against the commuter rail business. I’m typically unsupportive of any kind of large public expenditure, and especially so if it mainly benefits people in Leander. A train from Leander to downtown Austin seems idiotic.

I’m also very tired of people trying to convince me of their various points of view. I now realize how completely obnoxious I must have been back in 2000 when I tried to convert as many people as possible to my own viewpoint, completely convinced I had it all figured out. In day to day matters of politics and religion, I try to keep most of my opinions to myself. If I’ve changed in any way in the past four years, it’s in the sense that I really don’t trust certainty or the opinions of anyone else, even close friends or family. I take in everything that people say and do, then I make up my own mind. If a person’s mind can be changed by one debate or argument, or if they can be swayed by one impassioned appeal for their support, I find that suspicious. It’s the opposite of close-mindedness.


  1. No offense, cutie, but I have to disagree. I’ve never known you to keep an opinion to yourself. I’ve always found you very outspoken in general, a quality which has its good and useful points. It’s true that at times in the past you’ve been more likely to talk to people about politics in an outspoken or even evangelical way, much more so than now, but I think it’s less a matter of keeping things to yourself than changing the kind of things you like to talk about. Since you stopped talking about politics like you used to, I’ve found that sometimes you talk in similar terms about priorities, life choices, etc.–subjects that some people might find harder to accept strong viewpoints about, because they’re so personal.

  2. Maybe I’m just as obnoxious as I was before. In fact, I’m sure of it.

  3. You’ve just changed some of the things you talk about–arguably, are obnoxious about, but that’s a matter of perspective (personally, it’s a side of you I can find a lot of value in). It seems like a pretty accurate reflection of the things you have been thinking about, and the fact that they have changed too. And, most likely, will change again, eventually. Which is also not a bad thing.

  4. I personally think we could all benefit from more public transportation. But yeah, that was the only sure-seeming thing about the whole election.

  5. My thing about public transportation is that I don’t like to use it. When I was at UT, it made sense since there was no parking. Otherwise, I dont use it.

  6. But if more people used public transportation instead of driving, that would mean less traffic, which means you wouldn’t have to deal with rush hour hassles. It would also mean less pollution in the air, which may help you breathe easier. So it still involves you!

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