Iraq, iraq, iraq

Some interesting things for today, this from Al Jazeera:

    Republican Guard commander cut deal with US forces

    The mystery of what happened to the Iraqi Republican Guard defending Baghdad appears to have been solved if a report in today’s Le Monde is to be believed.

    The French daily reports that Maher Sufyan, Commander of the Republican Guard reached an agreement with American forces in which he ordered his forces to surrender in exchange for his transfer via an American Apache helicopter to an undisclosed safe haven.

    Quoting anonymous sources, Le Monde’s correspondent in Baghdad said that Sufyan ordered all Republican Guard forces to lay down their arms and go home. Shortly thereafter an Apache helicopter escorted Sufyan from the Al Rashid camp, east of Baghdad, to an unknown location.

    Maher Sufyan is not included on the infamous “deck of cards” created by US defence officials to highlight the most wanted individuals from the Saddam Hussein government. Iraq’s popular Information Minister, Mohammed Saeed Al Sahaf, Naji Sabri, Iraq’s Foreign Minister and Oumid Medhat Mubarak, the minister of health are also not included on the list.

The US is not publicizing this for obvious reasons as it shows the Machiavellian politiking at work.

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