U.S. also denies Iraqi oil

  • U.S. also denies Iraqi oil to Lebanon: Oil as a tool of policy. It starts.
  • US starts military-build along Iraq’s border with Syria
  • U.S. Troops Seize Iraqi Trophies for Fun and Profit

    1. My boyfriend was watching the news on a Mexican channel today, and he heard that thousands of Iraqis gathered together to protest the “war of liberation” and the new occupied Iraq. US troops shot at the peaceful crowd and killed at least 10 people. The troops responsible are not being disiplined however, because it was an “accident.”
      Pretty Saddam-esque if you ask me. Does this mean they’re free yet?

      I just thought I ought to share that with you guys because I have heard little to nothing about from the pro-war US media.

    2. How do you get the English Al-Jazeera site because it doesn’t work on my computer at home.

    3. Col. James Braddock

      Strange.. the site works for me when i click on the link..?