La Strada

La Strada - Criterion CollectionI got a chance to watch La Strada this weekend. It’s a sad, beautiful film. I’m not even sure how I would describe it, not that it’s indescribable just that I don’t think I could convey anything about it sufficiently except in my typical all-thumbs narrative style. I now want to watch every other Fellini film since this was my first, I am ashamed to say.

Lord. I have to wake up in a few hours to give a short speech at Toastmasters. I am completely unprepared so it should be either a train wreck or a miracle. I did finally decide on a topic on the drive back from Dallas, which I will attempt to talk about without notes or preparation of any type. I’m thinking something to do with all the bad advertising I have seen lately like the billboard for Amdecon (“We clean up suicides, so you don’t have to.”) I spotted on the way into Dallas. Is that really the best use of your marketing budget?


  1. Wow, that is bad. I think that’s worse than the giant vasectomy reversal billboard we had in my hometown for a few years *shudder*.

  2. What’s even worse is a society that would leave a family to clean the brains of their 16-year-old son off the walls of his bedroom. After the cops leave the family is left with the mess. Would you really rather we didn’t let the families know we are here to help them? There’s two suicides a day in DFW. Come with me on 100 shotgun suicides, talk with the families, see them walking into walls, see someone that will never, never, never be the same, and then tell me you’d rather not see a company advertise that they can help these families. Then you tell the mother she has to clean it up herself because I can’t. The cops don’t do it and the suicide fairies don’t do it. I am amazed that people say, “ Do you think you need to advertise like that.” Think about that question. Now doesn’t it sound really silly? Isn’t that sort of like asking someone who is driving in Aspen with skis on top of their car, “Are you going skiing?” People who didn’t know about Amdecon and have had to do a cleanup themselves have called us to thank us for putting up the billboards because now maybe another family won’t have to go through the same thing. Go to and tell me you would like to stay in one of the hotel rooms or move into one of these apartments or better yet leave it to the family to cleanup.

    Michael Tillman

  3. I agree with Mr. Tillman. A violent suicide causes family’s too much grief as it is. Add cleaning the mess and there’s too much to deal with.
    eddie evans