Little bits

  1. Obvious implications of the so-called war on terror being felt: Russian general say “war on terror” used as pretext for global dominance:
      “It is one thing when a country is fighting terrorism on its own territory, and some other countries assist them,” the Interfax-AVN military news agency quoted Kvashnin an officers’ graduation ceremony in Moscow.

      “But it is quite another thing when, under the guise of fighting international terror, some countries are in fact trying to get involved in the internal affairs of the nation they are meant to be helping,” said Kvashnin.

      He urged the graduating officers to keep this in mind as they “carefully analyze what is happening in the world.”

  2. India might be dangling the issue of Indian troop deployment in Iraq for an advantage at the expense of rival Pakistan: Indian Deputy PM, Advani, says US unlikely to release F-16s for Pakistan
  3. Space junk renders missions dangerous

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