More tales from Liberty Hill, Texas

Hollis Baker, my good friend who tells a story better than anyone I know, has spun another good yarn over at his blog. He needs to compile these stories into a book. It would be a best seller. Do yourself a favor and read his latest, “Way up Morgan Creek“. It’s a beautiful story that captures the Hill Country in the way it deserves.

Update: I was clicking around Hollis’ website and found a couple links to a good interview he did. He had some good things to say on working and being successful:

When I ask Hollis what he’d tell the room full of young people if he had a chance to give them one special kernel of wisdom, he reacts instantly, relating it to his experience in the sign business:

“I’d tell them a story about the sign shop. I’d tell them that in the early days when we were painting signs, we might have a sign on the side of the wall that was, you know, 8 by 16 feet and it was covered with letters and you had to stand on the ladder and dip the brush in the paint and smear it on there. And the propensity of the painters, when they would want to say something to the other guy – they’d stop, turn around (turning his body in the chair) and tell the guy some cockamamie story. Well, it was important that I keep the guys on the task. So, I’d say, ‘Hey guys, talk all you want to, but face the sign while you’re doing it.’ And that became the catch-phrase in the shop. “Face the sign.” And that’s what I’m telling these kids. That whatever their task is – face it. Do it (pointing his finger). Do it to the best of your ability. Be honest with it, but always face the sign. And if you’ll do it, one of these days you can retire and sit on the front porch and watch the grass grow (laughing). That’s what I’d tell ‘em.”


  1. Thanks again Chris for your kind words. They help we through each week as I write these things for our local paper, The Leader”.
    Alice and I check your blog dayly and enjoy your posts. I trust your world is doing well.
    Come see us at Balcones. It has now been a year since you were here!

  2. My pleasure, Hollis. Keep up the good work!