One billion dollars for you

Here’s a philosophical question: if you had 1 billion dollars (enough money to never worry about anything), what would you do? In other words, if you could live your life any way you wanted what would you like to do and what would you actually do?


  1. I *need* a new car – mine is 15 years old and has more repairs than the car is worth. I *need* a home that allow me to have an extra room dedicated my massage therapy. Beyond that, I would donate to worthy personal causes (education scholarships for example).

  2. Sounds pretty practical, but you would still have a lot left. What else?

  3. Donate working space to artists, musicians, including all supplies, equipment, recording stuff.

    Donate to cure for autism.

  4. with 1 billion dollars, I would get my mother’s back and knees fixed up, invest, buy a vehicle, put my brother, sister, and self through college, start businesses, give a good portion to those in need, travel, buy clothes, and be able to finally live the life I’ve been wanting since I was hit by a car 20 years ago cause I have been sheltered from the world for such a very long time.

  5. Donate to schools, libraries and universities worldwide.

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  8. $1 Billion.  That’s a lot, and I’m sure I can use it to better the lives of many people around me, including mine but as you suggested, those are only practical solutions .  In in the end, what makes us happy is different for each of us, and for some of us a billion dollars is not the answer.  For me, if I’m a billionaire I would still be a teacher because that’s what makes me feel ‘alive’…and yes, sometimes crazy, too.