The Obama Speech

Tonight’s speech by Barack Obama at the DNC was perfect. If Obama can be the president backing up that speech, then there is room to hope for good things to happen in the next 4 years. When Pat Buchanan is praising your oratory (as he’s doing now on MSNBC), you know you’re doing something right. Can’t wait to see McLaughlin Group this Sunday.

Did you see it? What do you think?


  1. We watched it live (on PBS) and I thought it was very good.

    It is so difficult to strike a balance of being specific and outlining a vision in a speech like that, but I thought he nailed it. Naysayers of political speeches will usually respond to a visionary speech with “there were no specifics, no details” and they'll respond to detailed, line-by-line speeches with “I got lost in the details, there was no vision” … well, he did both.

    The other thing Iiked was how he is at least trying to defuse some of the 'culture war' crap by saying “we might disagree on ____, but we should be able to agree on ____”. Obama needs to keep this election about real, everyday problems, not the hot-button divisive issues that Rove wants it to be about (and what the choice of Palin is obviously trying to do).

    I also liked his tone when he told McCain and McCain supporters to not question his patriotism … I think that will at least help diminish some of that crap (but it won't go away completely).

    After watching a speech like and then seeing McCain speak it boggles my mind that McCain might even have a chance … but, that's just me.

  2. I'm sorry if my comment disappoints you, but the Obama sideshow is only carefully packaged rhetoric and the sugar coating of an adminstration which intends to continue the abominable policies of the former. If you liked the Bush crime family and the irreparable damage it caused, you're gonna love the “change” Obama is promising America.