US makes gesture to appease Pakistani militants?

Remember that one of the main demands of the Pakistani militants who took credit for the execution of Israeli-American journalist, Daniel Pearl, was the sale of the promised F-16’s to Pakistan. Is this a move by the US to coax the cooperation of the ISI (Inter-Services Intelligence), Pakistan’s equivalent of the FBI, into diminishing support for Islamic militants who have been successfully disrupting the fledgling, pro-US puppet government of Afghanistan?

  1. US to sell F-16 aircrafts to Pak, Rumsfeld told Advani :
  2. ‘ISI, FBI met Taliban to work out Afghan solution’
  3. Feb. 26, 2002: Pearl a victim of Pakistan’s grim legacy
  4. Journalist’s killing ‘link to Pakistan intelligence’


  1. This French intellectual/celebrity guy wrote a book about how the Pakistani government was really behind the Pearl murder. I read a weird interview with him at:,6903,977498,00.html

  2. Oh, and it’s “gesture”.