Iraqi Resistance Stiffens

Guerrilla resistance to American occupation forces has been stepped up. Note that the media is very careful to only discuss it in terms of ‘Baathist resistance’. It is very important to the US and to the western media by proxy not to give the idea that this resistance is supported by the Iraqi people.

  1. The soft-approach headline: Experts Question Depth of Victory:
      Because the war was so narrowly focused on Hussein’s government in Baghdad, a large part of the Iraqi population does not feel as if it was defeated, said retired Army Col. Scott R. Feil. “As I heard one Iraqi say, the Americans defeated Saddam, but not the Iraqi people, so the psychology of the loser is not present,” he said
  2. U.S. Soldier Shot Shopping in Baghdad-Witnesses
  3. 4 Dead, 2 Abducted in Iraq Ambushes
  4. British troops agree to suspend arms searches
  5. No First Amendment: Iraqi Youth Arrested for Insulting US Soldiers
  6. Marsh Arabs threaten to resist ‘army of occupation’

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  1. I watched the political shows yesterday on PBS and though of course, as always, there was lots of information they left out, they did make it clear that resistance by Iraqi citizens who are not affiliated with the Baath party or any terrorist organization is on the increase. I’m cautiously hopeful that this will gradually come to the public’s attention.