Kudos, George

George Kelly, of allaboutgeorge.com, got a nice mention in a Wired News article on SXSW Interactive, Austin Is the Place for Netheads, this past Friday:

“It’s one of the places where people you’ve been reading for months and months … show up,” said George Kelly, a blogger and contributor to the website Negrophile. Kelly, a third-year SXSW vet, is speaking on a panel called Blogging While Black.

The conference “is about the technology but it’s also about the face-to-face contact,” Kelly said.

I had the pleasure of hanging out with George two years ago as he blew through Austin. He even DJ’ed from his iPod or laptop, while we rode to Starseeds. George is the kind of person whose true charm is expressed best in person due to his personal warmth and eloquence, so if you have a chance be sure to hang out with him while he is in town.


  1. I’m glad I got to witness the coolness that is George. Can you believe that was two years ago?

  2. No, time flies when you’re having “fun”. In a way though it does seem like forever ago. I need to go on a trip out SFO soon and do the opposite of George.